b. 1990

United States

I am an oil painter specializing in portraiture! I have studied under both Impressionistic and Classical Realist artists: Mark Gingerich, Gregory Mortenson, Angela Cunningham, and Douglas Flynt. In 2013 I studied portraiture at the Grand Central Atelier in New York City. 

I grew up in Ohio, and now live in Georgia since marrying my husband, Adam, in the Fall of 2016 (and changed my name from Rachel Ramm to Rachel Woodward!) I love exploring, and my favorite trips were to South Korea and Japan. I am happy to be able to go anywhere, set up my easel, and become a part of the world around me through the painting process. 

Right now I am developing a project idea that will take me back to Korea to paint portraits of children in orphanages in Seoul. Recently I completed a series of portraits of underprivileged children in my own part of the world.