Portrait Project (pt 1): Edgewood Children's Ranch

Thank you for helping me show the students at the Edgewood Children's Ranch how beautiful they are! Every life is valuable and has meaning, but sometimes that's hard to see. Creating a portrait of someone is one way to help show honor and care.

Watch as the kids see their portraits for the very first time:

See the process from start to finish...

A note about the name: I'm calling this "Portrait Project Pt. 1" because I hope to do many more portrait series like this. Currently, I am planning one more in South Korea, painting portraits of orphans in children's homes there. Eventually, I'd also like to tell the stories of North Korean refugees through painting. I have lots of ideas, and this is my first attempt at making them happen! I am exploring the concept of human dignity and how portraits can honor a person and inspire compassion from others viewing the artwork. It's my belief that art is a universal language that allows people all over the world to share ideas.